Name: Jonianne

AKA: Jonni, JJ and Mommy

Age: Mid 40’s

Hobbies: Exercise, reading and ghost hunting.

Jonianne has been successfully self-employed as a CMT (Certified Massage Therapist) for 16+ years and is always striving to continue her education in massage therapy. In 2013 she got her California State license and opened up her own office.

Name: Larry

AKA: LRJ, LarryJ, DeathMagnet and Daddy

Age: Late 40’s

Hobbies: Learning, making things, robotics and most anything computer related.

For the last 16 years Larry has been working for e.Republic, Inc., currently as the EOS (Enterprise Operations Supervisor) - meaning he does all the technical stuff that nobody else has the time or skill to do. He also has a couple of guys to help with all the day to day stuff that he gives the illusion of managing.

Deciding that it was finally time to get some type of college degree, Larry received an AS in Mechtronics from  American River Collage in the spring of 2013.

One of the things that Larry loves to do most in life is to build things. It doesn’t matter if it’s mundane, like a car or motorcycle, or something more fun like a simple kit or something more advanced like… say… a robot.

His Project page is full of projects - in various stages of completion - for your perusal.

Name: Jasmine

AKA: Jaz, Jazzy, Jazzy Girl and Munchkin

Age: Teens

Hobbies: Texting, watching movies, surfing the web on her laptop and taking pictures.

Jasmine is currently a senior in high school and fills her days by going to school, doing home work and hanging out with her boyfriend.

Jasmine’s Photo Gallery


Name: Lily

AKA: Lily Lamb, Hurricane Lily and Rugrat

Age: 7

Hobbies: Dancing, puzzles, picking flowers and causing general destruction wherever she may be.

When not in school, Lily enjoys coloring, playing with her My Little Ponies, going to ballet and soccer lessons. She also spends large amounts of time playing MineCraft and watching You-Tube videos on her tablet.